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See bottom for new events.


***Thursday, April 27, 2006, 6 PM:   L.I. POETS read for Affordable Housing:  Suffolk Community College -- Montauk Room, Babylon Student Center.

***Sunday, May 7, 2006,  2 PM:  North Shore Public Library, Rt. 25A, Shoreham:   The Right Scooping Spoon:  Tales of a Caregiver.
     The care-giver's role is not an easy one. But through the writing of plays, poems and stories, I've come to understand both the frustrations and the rewards of my commitment, and to know both my mother and myself more deeply. I'll read works in all three genre that explore my experiences as care-giver for my mother, an Alzheimer patient.

***Sunday, May 14,  2006, 3:30 PM:  American Incian Community House,  404 Lafayette St ( South of Astor Place), 8th floor, New York City:
Memory: A full-length romantic comedy, directed by Tom Thornton,
with Irma St. Paule, Dawn Jamieson, Tom Thornton, Diana Barth.
The Quintessential Mother's Day Play!  
     --Can a grown daughter navigate between her own needs, those of her husband, and those of her aged mother, newly diagnosed with Alzheimer disease? --Will an 85 year old widow with more than a touch of dementia enjoy romance and relationship with a man newly met at the senior center? --What choppy currents make care-giving our aged parents both difficult -- and exhilarating? Come see! Donation please; free food and discussion afterward.


*** Sunday, January 21, 2007,  4-6 PM Poetry Reading and reception for A WOMAN MILKING, published by Word Press, Dec. 2006, at PEN & BRUSH,  16 E. 10th St, NYC.

***Friday, February 16, 2007,  8 PM,  Conklin Barn, Huntington, High St and Rt. 110, Long Island, Poetry Reading.

***  Sunday, February 18,  2007,  3-5  Paumonak North Sea Group, Vineyard Series ( Poems on the Vine), Aquebogue.
         Poetry reading.

****Thursday, March 15,2007  2 PM  Reading of Full length play, Brooklyn Heights Community House -- Memory, see above.

****Thursday, April 26, 2007, 2 PM Part of group reading for North Sea Poetry Collective Anthology:  Neighborhood House, Setauket, LI.

****JUNE, 20076 PHOTOS as part of woman's "Intuition" show in Gallelry 4222, Wynn Lane, Port Jefferson, NY 11777. phone 631 433 3167 for gallery hours. Exhibit is up until June 24!

**** July 23, 2007:  Poetry reading, Cornelia St. Cafe, 29Cornelia Street, NYC (between Bleeker St & w. 4th st, west of 6th Avenue):  6-8 PM. $10 cover includes one drink.

**** August 13, 2007: Poetry reading, Oceanside Summer Gazebo Reading Series, 7 PM, Schoolhouse Green, near Foxhurst Green, East of Longbeach Road. Info call Tony Levino, 516 763 1667

**** Fall 2008 "Repairs," poem published in Crone Magazine.

**** Fall 2008 "A Late Blessing," poem anthologized in The Poetry of Recovery, ed. Tom Lombardo.

**** Winter 2008  Six poems ( "My Hollowed Mother, Shift / Change, That Home Song and Dance, Need for Mother, Being of Use, Toileting") published by Ars Medica, mt. Sinai, Toronto School of Medicine, Ontario, Canada


****Reviews and honors for A Woman Milking in 2007
       Word Press flyer with five blurbs, bio. www.word-press.com
       Blog entry, Kevin Walzer, publisher Word Press.
       The Dairy Goat Journal, Review by Jennifer Stultz, Editor
       Planet Drum, Review 
       MBR Bookwatch-- on line revew, www.midwestbookreview.com/mbw/feb_07
       Writer's Almanac: "The Virtue of Trusting One's Mind," chosen by Garrison Kiellor. 
                              See newsletter@americanpublicmedia.org 
       The Iconoclast # 96, Review by Orel Protopopescu, author.
       Cercles, on line French magazine of French / English letters, www.cercles.com/review/reviews  by
                               Charles Holdefer.
       Small Farmer's Journal, review by Sue Tank, staff.
       Calyx Magazine, review by Catherine West, ed Crone Magazine. 
       The Educational Testing Service chose "The Virtue of Trusting One's Mind" for inclusion in
                               assessment tests for High school students in the state of Maryland.
                               It will appear during a ten-year period (2009 - 2019) and up to
                               450,000 copies will be made.

                               Work published / accepted for publication, 2007:
"Devolution,"  "January 2, 2007 -- Full;" "Transformation;"   "What it takes," in Long Island Sounds: 2007Anthology of Poetry, Ed Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan;  
---"Gregor Samsa's Sister,"  Oberon Magazine
---"Repairs,"  Crone Magazine.
---"Mummies: Guanajuato, Mexico,"  Calyx Magazine.
---"A Late Blessing" accepted for inclusion in an anthology called THE POETRY OF RECOVERY, ed.  Tom Lombardo.

-- Jan 9:  Long Island Poets on Film, taped at Riverhead Cable, Public Access TV, hosted by Tammy Morgan

-- Jan:  6 poems accepted for publication by ARS MEDICA, journal of the School of Psychiatry, University of Toronto Medical School. "My Hollowed Mother,"   "Shift / Change,"   "That Old Song and Dance,"   "The Need for Mother,"   "Being of Use,"   "Toileriing -- Years Later."  

--- Feb 28, 6:45 - 9 PM:  UPSIDE DOWN, my full length play to be read by Times Square Playwrights, dir. Tom Thornton, at the Dramatist's Guild, 1501  Broadway,  Suite 701, NY 10036, telephone 212 767 7800. How did you react to the 9/11 attack on the WTC ?  Did your world view change?  Did you find yourself closer to friends? Were there conflicts? Follow five young New Yorkers as they work through the shock of that day. There is free admission, and there will be refreshments during discussion to follow the reading.

On Wednesday, May 28, 7 PM, at Chelsea Studios 151 W. 26th street, Marcia Slatkin's screenplay, The Scarlet Lesson, will be read in a  "full length" workshop format with discussion and refreshments to follow. The play imagines how contemporary attitudes toward adultery / pregnancy/ abortion might have changed since Hawthorne depicted Puritan reactions -- and what new options these changes might allow. Visit the high school class studying The Scarlet Letter in 1980, and watch their teacher home-tutoring the student whom he has impregnated. Both teacher and student change profoundly as they study the Hawthorne novel.

On Saturday, May 31, 2008,  at Corazine Studio,  300 W. 43 St, 5th floor, the new theater group LITTLE HIBISCUS will read Marcia Slatkin's full -length stage play, Upside Down.  Set in NYC around the time of  the 2001 attacks on the WTC, it dramatizes ways in which different reactions to the political crisis brought people togther -- and split them apart. Watch these young and very diverse New Yorkers wrestle with the implications both of the crisis itself, and of their individual responses. 

****"Mother's Day"  PPALR #12, Summer 2008.

**** "Teaching,"  Long Island Sounds Anthology,  Summer 2008.


**** Upside Down, full length play to be read at Playwriter's Laboratory, ASK, Kingston NY, March 17, 2009,  6:30 PM

****"Ladders," Al Doblar La Esquina ( Around the Block), Morningside Hghts.  library at W. 113 St

***  "Tug," One act play, read at the summer festival, Shandaken, NY, July 2010

**** I'll be the featured poet at the Poetry Book Bin, Lake Katrine, on 9 W just north of Adams, at 8th October, 7:30. ( Just in back of Leather store).

****Memory will be read at ASK, Kingston, NY, October 13, 2009, between 6:30-9:30.

**** 6 poems read on WKZE, Women of Note, 5-7 PM, Jerrice Baptiste hoste -- Authenticpoetry.com -- October 18, 2009.

****"The Line"   and "Cuba"   read at ASK, Kingston, NY   December 22, 2009 6:30 - 10 PM


****"The Line," read at Times Square Playwrights, W. 54 St, 7 PM -- January 19th.

****"The Dance,"  read at ASK, Kingston, January 26th

****  SISTERS,  full length play, read at ASK, February 9th.

***  "Dear Editor,"  short fiction, published by LILITH Magazine, Winter 2010

***   UPSIDE-DOWN,  full length play, awarded prize and given staged reading June 26,  Long Beach Theatre, California,  2010.

**** "The Truncated Sit," read at ASK, March 2, 6:30

****  "Liberty!" read at ASK, Kingston NY,  April 20, 6:30 PM.

****  "Harley" read at Wine and Words, Sunday, April 25, 3 PM,  put on by Jorie productions, 260 w. 36th St, 3rd floor, email jdyville@yahoo.com for reservations.

**** "Gifts", a short story, was accepted for publication by Gargoyle Magazine.

**** "Houseplants,"  published by Bridges Magazine, December 2010.

**** "Attachments," poem published in Long Islander, Huntington, NY.

****  Organizer, Plays and playwrights of the Hudson Valley,  Bard Lifelong Learning Institute, Hastings on Hudson, NY  Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Nov. 12.

****  Presentor,  "Tug,"  "The Truncated Sit", LLI, Bard, Oct. 1.

**** "Not Yet,"  finalist in Naugatuck River Review's narrative Poetry contest.

****  NOT YET,  100 page poetry manuscript, accepted by SFAPress, SFA University, Naugdoches, Texas.

****   Featured poet, reading, Mezzaluna Cafe, Saugerties, November.


****   Co-Featured poet, wps&f Second Saturday poetry Reading, January 8th, 2011, 2 PM   Woodstock Community Center.

****   "The Gates,"  poem, accepted by Xanadu Magazine.

****   UPSIDE DOWN  Shortlisted by Heiress Productions in its second playwriting competitiion.

****   Poetry Reading, Morton Public Library, Rhinecliff NY, June 1, 2011, 6 - 7:30 PM.

****   Cello recital, 1/2 hour of Bach suites, performed at Notre Dame La Grande Church, Poitiers, France,  Monday August 11, 2011 

****   UPSIDE DOWN:  9-11 And After, a full length play, directed by Tony White, will get a staged reading on September 10 at 7 PM.  The reading will take place at Studio 353,  353 W. 48 St near 9th Ave, 2nd floor, NYC.             

                    About the play: Act I is set in NYC during the first weeks after the attacks on the World Trade Center, 2001. Act II takes place during the following year.

                   Emma, 26, is caught between the conflicting political paradigms of her parents (mother, progressive; father, conservative) as well as of politics itself during 2001-2. We watch her struggle to integrate parental conditioning and the blaring news of the 9-11 attacks / impending war in Iraq as she decides between life with David, wall street trader, and Joel, photojournalist wounded during Desert Storm now a picture editor for a NY daily. Now that she can listen to Joel's analysis of American foreign policy, will she be able to once again close her eyes and be coddled within wealth and comfort?  Will Joel's zeal for political activism prove distasteful? Will she opt for something entirely different?  

                   More generally, the play explores political /psychological issues including the boundaries between private life and public guardianship during times of crisis and change.   

                   Cicero said, 'freedom is participation in power."  What responsibility does that mandate? 

                   As part of the 10th anniversary of the attacks, please come watch Emma, Joel, David, Zak, Joanne, as well as the aged Mrs. Fu, guardian of the unclaimed laundry of the 9-11 dead, wrestle with the meaning of the fall of the towers and America's rebributive reaction. They deal with love, political action, feminist issues, reconciliation --that is, with how to live after the world turns "UPSIDE DOWN."


**** Literary Essay: Review of "The House at Salt Hay Path," by C. Clevidence. in Oberon, Fall, 2011


**** Photo print -- color, 8 x 11, accepted for exhibition at RHCAN show in Red Hook,  October 2011. 


2012Readings for NOT YET: A Care-Giving Collage. Alzheimer's Poems --- 2012


Readings to advertise NOT YET:  2012

UUCC, 320 Sawkill Road, Kingston Saturday April 14, 7 PM

Inquiring Mind, 65 Partition St, Saugerties Sunday, May 27, 3 PM

Oblong Books, 6420 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck Friday, June 1, 7:30 PM.

Chatham Bookstore, 27 Main St, Chatham, Sunday, June 10, 3 PM 

Adele Glimm house in Port Jefferson  -- September 22, 4 PM Details to follow

Half Moon Books, 35 N. Front St, Kingston Saturday, October 6, 5:30 PM

North Shore Public Library, 25 A, Shoreham NY  Tuesday, November 13,  6 PM. 

The Golden Notebook  29 Tinker St,Woodstock,   December ( date to be set) 

Woodstock Synagogue Arts Fair, Sunday November 25, 2-5 PM 

Tivoli Village Books 48 Broadway, NY, December 15, 2-4 PM.


-- "Sweat Lodge" (poem in 3 parts) won semi-finalist position

in the Naugatuk Narrative Poetry Journal -- 

---Christmas SHow, Tivoli Artist's Co-Op

December 2012  -- 8 Photo Collages --

Neck-bending views of St. Radegonde Church,

Poitiers, France.  


PLEASE NOTE:  Not Yet was published / distributed in July, 2012

by sfapress, and nominated by the press,  Texas A&M,

for a PULITZER PRIZE in poetry, summer / fall 2012.



 ---  Jan 15-Feb 8 -- 8 Photo Collages in "We're STill Here" Show

      Tivoli Artist's Co-Op, Tivoli NY.


---Feb 8 - March  EROTICA SHOW -- 7 Black and white prints. 

Tivoli Artist's Co-Op


--  February -- juried show at RHCAN, Red Hook: Human Figure --

     Dejection, Struggle, Hope 


-- March:  Landscape Show, Tivoli Artist's Co-Op -- 8 Photo Collages.  

Bayonne, festival at seaport, Band;   Dan in context with options... 


---October-- Paper Show, Tivoli Artist's Co-OP   5 photo collages. 

    Lossee Castle, France -- Roots.  


---November - December --Holiday show  3 collages,  holiday cards  Tivoli Artist's co-op

    ---Books and cards at RHCan, Red Hook NY


-- Ladders, one act play performed by Around the Block at the Strelin theatre,

Nov 27, 29, 30 at 8 PM,   December 1 at 2 PM.  



April --Tivoli Artist's Coop:  Landscape Show: Roots of France;  Not Yet Spring.

Earth Awakening -- collages of Vernal pond in Millbrook- 5 collages.



Five plays to be performed off off Broadway,  44x8th Ave, NYC,

April 24 - 27, and May 1 -  4th, 2014. Plays include "Engineering,"

"Tug,"   "Memory,"  "Mother's Day,"  and "Cells"  All plays

deal in some way with "MOHERHOOD," from before conception

through the usurpation of a delivery room by anti-Caesearean forces

to the missing of one's long-gone mother. Reservations:


Director:  Tony White.  or    conact mslatkin@juno.com  

Actors: Emilie Bousant as Meryl (ebonsant@yahoo.com)

Bradley Sumner as  in TUG'  Justin lauro (cop) , Lawrence Frank (son),

Larry Gutman (Man / Porter) , and Stephanie Schwartz (old mother) in Mother's Day,  

Lisa Black, Eileen Elliot,  Susan Neuffer ( Renata),  Michelle Robison (Conductor),

Lawrence Frank(man with computer) in CELLS,  Mary Jane Gocher ( Malka) and

Julia Morgantini (Leila) in Mamory, and in Engineering, www.AmbarAranaga.com,

Kevin Bohl ( Cop i), Marc Gettis ( Dr. Banks), Larry Gutman ( Anesthesiologist),

Rebecca Mason (  ),  Tzena Nicole ( Robbins),  Robin Porter ( Callahan),

 Leya Topodas (     )    


"Potions,"  narrative poem from OP ED: EARTH, to be on the blog

of Pacific Poetry, May 14, 2014.  


-- "A Second Chance,"  short story, Patterson Literary Review, NJ.

Fall, 2014.  


--VIDEO of "About Mothers; 5 plays about Motherhood, performed at the Producer's Club, April 27, 28, 29, 30,  may 1, 2, 3, 4th, 20114, Produced and directed by Tony White. Engineering, Mother's DAy,  Cells, Memory, and Tug. Go to:






 Tivoli Artist's Co-op,   Collages on display New Year New Work,   January;  Erotica,  February,  Works on Paper, March;   Inspirations,  April;    and again DEcember, Holiday Show.  

 Poetry Reading at Tivoli Co-Op  May 31, 2015,  read from "A Woman Milking,"  "Not Yet,"   and OP Ed: Earth.  one hour;   

 55-Collage Exhibit at Cooper Finn Gallery, Judy Malstron curator,  Millbrook.  Review in Millbrook Independent On Line.  Poetry reading at opening. Read from same books as in Tivoli. 



Tivoli Arstist's Co-Op, collages on display January Erotica.  



"Voices" produced by JO-Ann Katz, head of the Northport One Act Play Festival, April 29 &30. Read environmental poems at Tivoli Art Gallelry's "Smoke Signalsl" show.

Photos on display at ASK, Kingston,  Travel show;  Tivoli Erotica Show,  Woodstock WAAM  Small Works shows March and May,  Rhinebeck Jewish CEnter  for Art/ Craft Sale and show  April 2017. Poems on climate change, "Cheese AFter Fukushima: Poems for a Changing Planet,"  accepted for autumn publication by sfapress,  Stephen F Austin State University press, Texas.