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I grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The household roiled with health and financial problems, but we were encouraged to study, to play music, to pursue interests.

I married early, and have two lovely, strong, intelligent daughters, Heidi and Becky. My current partner, Dan, and I have been together for 22 richly varied years. 

Education, publication and gallery credits

Cellist in High School of Music and Art, English philosophy major at Queens College, where I played chamber music and was part of the orchestra as well. MA  in English at NYU, and abd for the PHD in English, NYU. I was drawing and writing poems throughout those years. 

After retiring from high school English teaching ( 1971-1999), which I had enjoyed enormously, I began to write plays more profusely, and had 18 one acts produced in small off-broadway venues as well as in small theatres on Long Island and, recently, upstate NY. My fiction won two PEN prizes, and has most recently been published in small journals like Bridges, Gargoyle, Lilith, Patterson Literary Review. I'm working on an anthology of stories whose possible title is "Jewish Daughter:  Moving Stills."   I've also had two chapbooks and two full length poetry books published: "A Woman Milking: Barnyard Poems," Word Press, 2006, and "NOT YET: A Healing Journey Through Alzheimer's Care-Giving,"  sfapress,  2012.  The first illuminates the joy of running a farm with goats, ducks and hens on 1/2 acre out back. The second was written as I was care-giver to my mother, who had Alzheimers. She lived with me between 2003 - 7. 

My recent work as a cut & paste collage artist has been on display in Hudson Valley galleries like  the now defunct Red Hook ARTCAN,   the Tivoli Artist's GAllery, ASK of Kingston, and WAAM, the Woodstock Artist's Association Museum, Woostock, NY.  



Climate change and fear for the future of our species has driven my book called "CHEESE AFTER FUKUSHIMA: Poems for a Changing Planet," sfapress, Autumn 2017.  Photography and what can be made using photos is engendering cut and paste photo collage, some of which can be seen on the PHOTO pages. Fascination with human interraction has led me to write plays, poetry and fiction focused on our brave quest for sanity and happiness despite the pain we have suffered -- and continue to suffer. I'm involved in  political and environmental organizing, in gardenng,  I create apartments for rental, I study vitamin therapy and they are wihtout doubt my "drug of choice."  My longtime partner and I travel, I play cello every day and relish music as expressed through it, and I value friendships and the solidity of family life... 

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