Marcia Slatkin, writer, photographer, cellist

Welcome to my portfolio. But first, as the website housing is almost unintelligible, I offer you the rundown of options on this website.

      You are now  on the HOME PAGE  NEXT:  the page showing LITERARY WORK.    The page after that, called "New Poetry book,"  advertises a book of climate changae poems published by sfapress, Texas, in November 2017.   It is called "Cheese AFter Fukushima: Poems for a Changing Planet."  

     Next come two photo pages -- earlier black and white work --  a series called  "CORRESPONDENCES BETWEEN HUMAN AND OTHER NATURAL FORMS," and more comtemporary work, photo-collage using digital photos . i print in various sizes, then cut, play, and paste down to create a whole using repetition of motiifs, inversion, transposition etc. After the glue dries, I scan, then manipulate digitally in the computer until I am happy. After priinting,  I can give these as gifts, or sell them.

    The next three pages involve our apartment in Poitiers, France.   We lived there for the summer months between 2006 - 2016, and rented to students during the school year. Now, we rent it full time through our real estate agent.. There are photos of the apartment's interior, the area surrounding it, and beautiful places in Poitiers itself.

    Finally, I've given a thumbnail bio, and a resume, listing some of the poems, plays, stories and photos exhibited, published, or performed each year. 

    I hope this serves in lieu of the side bar which can't be electronically changed to.... perform correctly. Instead of ditching the entire website and starrting over, I've elected to try this guide, in the hopes you'll be able to navigate tolerably well. Thank you!


Overview of Literary Work, photography, and foreign property for rent,

    I write in three genre.

    My first published full length (A Woman Milking, Word Press, 2006) is available on Amazon, as is my second book, Not Yet: A Care-Giving Collage, 2012 SFAPress, Nacogdoches, Texas. That book was nominated for a PULITZER Prize, and you can read 10 thoughtful reviews of it on Amazon. Please feel free to write your own review after you've read the book!  

     My fiction, recently published in journals like Lilith, Gargoyle, Midstream, Patterson Literary Review, won 2 PEN fiction prizes. Thirty-five of my stories are collected in a volume called THE RAIN THAT LETS THINGS LIVE: A NOVEL IN STORIES," for which I am seeking a publisher.

     Eighteen of my one act plays have been performed off-off Broadway, and Upside Down, a full length, won a staged reading at the Long Beach Playhouse, CA, 2010, as well as staged readings in NYC, September 2011. Five one-acts offering insights into motherhood at different stages were performed off off Broadway, NYC, produced and directed by Tony White, in late April / early May 2014. Videos of these performances can be viewed by clicking on "VIDEO."  "Voices," a one act play, will be produced at the Northport One Act Festival on April 29 (7:30) and April 30 (3 PM), 2017. 

     A black&white photographer for many years, darkroom work allowed me to create 46 photos on the theme of the "Correspondences between human and other natural forms." That work has been digitalized, and I have again begun to exhibit prints. The work won a solo show at WAAM, Woodstock Artist's Association and Museum, upcoming in November of 2017.  

   I now shoot color with a digital camera, and often make collages out of prints. My practice is basic cut & paste. I print chosen photos in different sizes, then cut out  "Motifs"  which I will repeat in collages as did baroque and classical musicians. I play with photo motifs, form a pleaseing / meaningful whole, then paste. That pasted collage is then scanned, and the digital print is edited using Mac 'Photo.' This is then printed, and sold in galleries. Former member of the Tivoli Artist's Coop,  Tivoli, NY, the work has been exhibited there as well as in local Hudson Valley galleries like Cooper Finn,  ASK Kingston,  Columbia Council Arts in Hudson, THe RHinebeck Gallery in Rhinebeck, and now at SOHU, at the Greig Farm Art and Artisan Market, 227 Pitcher lane, Red Hoo, NY 12572.   So these "PHOTO-FUGUES" use color photos printed in different sizes as raw material, or palette, for an exploration of fugal structure, color and form being the "subjects." Some work is semi-representational, but skewed, some is abstract.   This work can be seen on two "PHOTO" pages in this website...

   In 2004, my partner Dan and I began to search for the perfect French getaway. Most places were too expensive or too touristic, until we came upon Poitiers, 1 1/2 hours sw of Paris on the TGV, and beautifully intact. You will see pictures of an elegant one-bedroom apartment you can rent when it is ( rarely) not occupied. . 


     A cellist for many years at Music & Art, Queens College, Sound Symphony (Suffolk County, LI), and in Chamber music groups, I now play sonatas ( cello/ piano), quartets in a local Hudson Valley group, and the solo Bach Suites. I have played solo suites at Art Gallery Openngs, and am available to do cafe evenings. Please e mail me at 

       News of upcoming readings can be found in the "What's New" section. I am available for readings, both of the barnyard poems, the Care-giving poems, new Climate change poems, and fiction. The poems on climate change were published by sfapress, Texas,  fall 2017.  The book is called "CHEESE AFTER FUKUSHIMA."  See the next page for a more detailed description.  Please contact me at for a reading.

      Many of my one-acts have recently been performed. "Voices," was performed at the Northport One-Act Festival  on April 29, 7:30. and April 30, 3PM,  2017.  It will be given a staged reading at the Hudson Opera House by PIP, Plays in Progress, on June 25, 2017.